iPMine-M8 Model 810T

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The iPMine-M8 is a portable wireless tracking and 2-way text communication device carried by miners. Text messages or menu options are displayed on a 2-line x 18 character LCD for Latin-based languages or 2-line x 9 character for double byte languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) iPMine-M8 receives and transmits signals, and text messages to and from iPMine-ZAPs (Zone Access Points). This information is transmitted to iPMine's tracking and monitoring software, iPMine-VU.




24/7 Monitoring and Communication
Maintain constant vigilance and increase overall site safety with 2-way communication, tracking, and monitoring.

Communicate in a Variety of Modes
Send detailed text messages or flashing alerts according to priority and importance for diversified messaging capability.

Intuitive and Powerful Communication Interface
Quickly and easily send and receive messages with convenient soft keys and panic button.

Reliable Communication
Intact wireless messaging for trustworthy communication in emergency situations.

Non-Volatile Memory System
Retains downloaded parameters and settings in case of power failure.

Device-to-Device (Miner-to-Miner) Communication
Maintain limited device-to-device communication in the event of system and/or wireless network outage. Direct communication can be established, without support from server, between same crew members or members registered in same Zone Access Point.