iPMine Overview

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iPMine is a wireless/wireline real-time 2-way voice, text, and video communications and mine-safety solution for the global mining industry. iPMine tracks, monitors, and communicates with miners and equipment underground and above ground.

iPMine utilizes iPTerra`s 802.11-based zone access points (iPMine-ZAPs) to establish an in-mine wireless data network that functions as the nervous system linking a mine's operation control center, miners, and equipment. iPTerra`s mobile communication devices (iPMine-M8 devices), which are carried by miners or attached to equipment, broadcast their secure location information and other messages as they roam between various mining zones. This information is intercepted by iPMine-ZAPs and relayed back to the dispatch office/operations control center where it's displayed on monitoring and viewing station configured with iPTerra`s iPMine-VU enterprise software.



Governments around the world want to make mining safer. iPMine acts as a communication platform that keeps you reliably in touch with miners in all conditions. iPMine is a powerful tool that can augment mine safety programs in response to recent legislative safety mandating.

iPMine lets you send and receive information in real-time so you can make decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge. Wireless monitoring of devices such as pumps, fans, conveyors, or elevators can be integrated with iPMine to create an effective monitoring system.

iPMine can be used in mines of all sizes. Its expandable design makes it easy to apply to growing mining operations.

iPMine offers superior wireless mesh network technology, and an extensive data repository transaction system. Redundancy helps increase the safety of the system in case of node failures.

iPMine sets new standards in mine-safety and productivity solutions. System components are standards-based, easy to install, configure, and maintain.