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The iPMine-VU enterprise software is the interface link between the wireless network, location and communication devices, and dispatch/control operation. It allows dispatchers, control center and management personnel to track, monitor, communicate (voice, text, and video) with miners. It also allows the mine operation system administrator to manage overall system configuration, maintain and register devices and miners, and adapt the system as the mine terrain changes over time.



Track the Location of Miners and Equipment on an Interactive Map
Increase safety by knowing where miners and equipment are at all times, and thoroughly investigate accidents with iPMine-VU’s audit trail feature.

Communicate Effectively
Communicate in real-time, voice and text messaging.

Change Shifts, and Configure Crews
Stay organized with iPMine-VU’s crew management feature.

Password Protected System with In-Depth User Logging
Maintain security.

Detailed Archiving Engine
Keep accurate and historical records for investigations, inquiries, reviews, or troubleshooting.

Flexible Design
Server can respond to one or more communication devices concurrently, while running an unlimited number of tracking and monitoring users on different workstations.