What We Do

Our focus is on providing end-to-end tracking, monitoring, and communications solutions to the global mine-safety industry. Most mines around the world have rudimentary communications systems, often using very low frequencies and lower bandwidth capacity. iPTerra's iPMine solution utilizes the robust 802.11-based wireless mesh network technology operating in the 2.4GHZ - 5.8GHz. We provide the iPMine solution as a complete turnkey solution that includes network consulting services, installation, training, and on-going product support. When we build solutions, we keep the following principles in mind:

iPMine can be used in mines of all sizes. Its expandable design makes it easy to apply to growing mining operations.

iPMine offers superior wireless mesh network technology, and an extensive data repository system. Redundancy helps increase the safety of the system in case of node failures.

iPMine sets new standards in communications and mine-safety solutions. System components are standards-based, easy to install, configure, and maintain.